Basins:Wabi Basin
Wabi Basin
Basins:River Stone Wabi Basin
River Stone Wabi Basin
Basins:Large Wabi Basin
Large Wabi Basin
Basins:Ishi Basin
Ishi Basin
Basins:Lotus Basin
Lotus Basin
Basins:Coin Basin
Coin Basin

About Basins

The Japanese stone basin dates back to the earliest Shinto shrines where they held water used for ritual cleansing. The tea ceremony, infused with the spirit of Zen, required a purity of mind and body. To this end, stone basins were later included in tea gardens so that guests could symbolically dip their hands before entering the tea house. Stone Forest has assembled an outstanding collection of stone basins, any of which can be transformed into fountains. Our traditional basins are made to exacting specifications.
Stone Forest has been hand carving traditional Japanese stone basins and our own original stone basin designs for 20 years.

Stone Forest can custom carve any style Japanese stone basin at your request.
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