Fountains:Mizubachi Fountain, 20 inch
Mizubachi Fountain, 20 inch
Fountains:Mizubachi Fountain, 39 inch
Mizubachi Fountain, 39 inch
Fountains:Ribbed Waterwall
Ribbed Waterwall
Fountains:Maru Fountain
Maru Fountain
Fountains:Marubachi Fountain
Marubachi Fountain
Fountains:Ribbed Sphere Fountain
Ribbed Sphere Fountain
Fountains:Sphere Fountain
Sphere Fountain
Fountains:Basalt Column Fountain, 20 inch, all natural
Basalt Column Fountain, 20 inch, all natural
Fountains:Basalt Column Fountains, various sizes
Basalt Column Fountains, various sizes
Fountains:Triple Basalt Fountains, various sizes
Triple Basalt Fountains, various sizes
Fountains:Helix Fountain
Helix Fountain
Fountains:Tiered Helix Fountain
Tiered Helix Fountain
Fountains:Sky Mirror fountain with pedestal
Sky Mirror fountain with pedestal
Fountains:Water Table Fountain
Water Table Fountain
Fountains:Polished Bowl Fountain
Polished Bowl Fountain
Fountains:Polished Urn Fountain
Polished Urn Fountain
Fountains:Small Jurassic Fountain
Small Jurassic Fountain
Fountains:Small Onyx Fountain
Small Onyx Fountain
Fountains:Small Antique Grindstone Fountain
Small Antique Grindstone Fountain
Fountains:Small Antique Millstone Fountain, running indoors
Small Antique Millstone Fountain, running indoors
Fountains:Small Antique Millstone Fountain, running outdoors
Small Antique Millstone Fountain, running outdoors
Fountains:Millstone Fountain with pedestal
Millstone Fountain with pedestal
Fountains:Rough Millstone Fountain with pedestal
Rough Millstone Fountain with pedestal
Fountains:Polished Millstone Fountain with pedestal
Polished Millstone Fountain with pedestal
Fountains:Natural Millstone Fountain
Natural Millstone Fountain
Fountains:Edo Fountain
Edo Fountain
Fountains:Swirl Fountain
Swirl Fountain
Fountains:Natural Waterwall
Natural Waterwall
Fountains:Boulder Fountain
Boulder Fountain
Fountains:Medium Pebble Fountains
Medium Pebble Fountains
Fountains:Large Pebble Fountains
Large Pebble Fountains
Fountains:Basalt Dome Fountain
Basalt Dome Fountain
Fountains:Curved Waterwall, Blue gray granite
Curved Waterwall, Blue gray granite
Fountains:Curved Waterwall, Black granite
Curved Waterwall, Black granite
Fountains:Provencal Wall Fountain
Provencal Wall Fountain
Fountains:Three Tier Fountain
Three Tier Fountain
Fountains:Pool Surround for Three Tier Fountain
Pool Surround for Three Tier Fountain
Fountains:French Rosette Fountain
French Rosette Fountain
Fountains:One-of-a-Kind Fountains
One-of-a-Kind Fountains
Fountains:Large Wabi Basin
Large Wabi Basin
Fountains:Ishi Basin
Ishi Basin
Fountains:Coin Basin
Coin Basin

About Fountains

Fountains elicit a response similar to viewing ocean waves or sitting beside a mountain stream. The movement of water over granite brings the stone alive, creating a soothing, contemplative atmosphere.
We design and carve fountains ranging from traditional Japanese to monolithic contemporary. In addition to our collection of granite fountain designs, many of our stone basins can be used with a bamboo spout or can be drilled to become running fountains as well.
We have 20 years experience with stone fountains and are happy to share our knowledge. Please call us to discuss choosing, receiving and installing your Stone Forest granite fountain. Should you choose to hire a landscaper, they are also welcome to call and discuss installation details with us at any time.
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