Lanterns:Hermit Lantern
Hermit Lantern
Lanterns:Shinto Lantern
Shinto Lantern
Lanterns:Kasuga Lantern
Kasuga Lantern
Lanterns:Oribe Lantern
Oribe Lantern
Lanterns:Yukimi Lantern
Yukimi Lantern
Lanterns:Antique Yukimi Lantern
Antique Yukimi Lantern
Lanterns:Hexagonal Yukimi, with stone windows
Hexagonal Yukimi, with stone windows
Lanterns:Rough Post Lantern (shown on right in image)
Rough Post Lantern (shown on right in image)
Lanterns:Craftsman Lantern
Craftsman Lantern
Lanterns:Wabi Lantern
Wabi Lantern
Lanterns:Large Wabi Lantern
Large Wabi Lantern
Lanterns:Large Riverstone Lantern
Large Riverstone Lantern

About Lanterns

Japanese stone lanterns were first used in ancient Shinto shrines where they served as votive lights. In the sixteenth century, Japanese tea masters included the stone lantern in Buddhist tea gardens as a means to light the way with their rustic beauty and rich light. From classic to contemporary, Stone Forest lanterns are informed by this centuries-old tradition.
Stone Forest has been hand carving traditional Japanese lanterns and our own original stone lantern designs for 20 years. Whether you are looking for a traditional Japanese stone lantern or a more contemporary addition to your landscape, our lantern selection has a quality you will not find anywhere else.
Our traditional Japanese stone lanterns are made to exacting Japanese specifications. Stone Forest can custom carve any style Japanese lantern at your request.

To learn more about Stone Lanterns, check out our blog article here: Stone Forest | Blog
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